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Dr. Deborah Goldberg understands that a corporate speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator can be an extreme waste of time and money or a transformational experience that leaves employees excited and invigorated to jump right back to work with their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Speaking and Training that Transforms

Dr. Deb delivers her information with humor, clarity, and professionalism. She shares personal stories that drives her information home and makes it real! You are an ABSOLUTE JOY!!!
- Kathleen R.

Companies need employees to deeply align with company missions and goals.  This improves day-to-day operations as well as bottom-line results.  As a psychotherapist, speaker and trainer who can relate and inspire people to action, Dr. Deb is the top choice to ensure your event is high-quality and makes a meaningful impact towards this vital need.

Align Your Employees with Your Mission and Goals


Dr. Deb's conflict resolution workshop has provided our staff with the necessary tools to begin practicing the difficult work of conflict resolution. She was well prepared, engaged everyone in the class, and motivated individuals to begin to think about how to begin to approach conflicts in the workplace.
- Don H.


The primary objective of this workshop is to guide the participants (you) through several levels of awareness toward being a more conscious person.

Working through exercises and processes, you will be exposed to new concepts that may present the opportunity to transform the way you think and, therefore, the way you live.

With the models and tools provided during the workshop, you will have the opportunity to make more conscious and different choices about your life in the future. Being more conscious about those choices is a quantum leap toward change.

You will learn ways to allow yourself to be human through acceptance, forgiveness and by changing or challenging your belief systems.


“Boundaries: Excuse Meeeee!” is a three-hour workshop that is designed as an interactive training between individuals to educate, inform and demonstrate the benefits of appropriate boundaries. It is tailored to either a general audience or the work place and makes distinctions between a good boundary and a boundary violation.

This training is designed to help the individual realize that good boundaries are flexible and can vary depending on the environment. Often, people do not realize that boundaries in relationships and in the workplace will be different than those at home. For some, boundary violations are physical, for others they are logical and, for most, there is an emotional component.

This workshop engages the participants to examine personal behaviors in relation to understanding, identifying and respecting boundaries.


Harmony in Conflict is a four-hour training designed as an interactive workshop between individuals to educate, inform and demonstrate the benefits of conflict resolution.

Conflict is different for each of us. For some, it is physical, for others it is logical and, for most, there is an emotional component. Conflict occurs when there are real or perceived differences between people.

This workshop engages the participants to examine personal behaviors during conflict, why they act a certain way and where they learned these behaviors.


Dr. Deb's concepts of conflict resolution apply to all workplace circumstances. An excellent workshop addition to all training curricula. Harmony in Conflict was very useful for this group. It forces people to stop and rethink their day-to-day actions! I learned many things that will make me a better man, husband & dad!
- Mark H.

Cultural Change Assessments for Business

Small businesses often benefit greatly by using mediation to resolve conflicts with employees, customers, business partners, vendors or neighboring businesses.

Since it may be overwhelming to a small business to gather the resources necessary to proceed via legal means to address a relatively minor conflict, mediation offers a timely and cost-effective way to reach resolution.

In mediation, parties agree to terms of reconciliation and because of this, they are more likely to keep their agreements. An added benefit of small business mediation is that it builds a great, often stronger, sense of community among small business owners and their customers.

Small Business Mediation

Family Mediation aims to bring resolution to family matters such as disputes arising from estate planning or inheritance, estrangement of family members, conflicts regarding care of aging parents or dysfunction in a family business.

At a most basic level, there is a need to be heard in mediation and Dr. Deb meets this need effectively by engaging clients with active listening skills, empathy, validation and respect as well as assisting clients in finding meaning in their experience.

As a relationship consultant and mediator, Dr. Deb brings added value to the mediation process in these delicate matters.

Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral Consultation provides services to re-vamp and enhance the culture and climate of the workplace.

Executives and business leaders learn the benefits of integrating the intellect and the heart in employee relations.

Employers gain an understanding of how valued employee relationships create company loyalty, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and maintain a positive workplace environment.

About Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb's workshops are outstanding! She combines an incredible depth and breadth in her understanding of human development with practical "boots on the ground" how to's. I left her workshop with increased awareness about myself and others and with practical things to practice that have helped me stay grounded and be more effective in my interactions and in my leadership.
- Sydney P.

Dr. Deborah R. Goldberg is a relationship consultant and a mediation specialist. As a professional consultant, Dr. Deb integrates psychology with mediation for a thorough and eclectic examination of presenting issues.

Experience Engaged Audiences

I loved Dr. Deb’s energy and pace. She is a wealth of information and extremely knowledgeable. Her class was a great review of things I learned. I learned a lot of good and important ways one can communicate more effectively with clients. – Kat R.

Dr. Deb is an expert Mediator and Relationship consultant. She has the experience and skill to make a real difference in improving what can be very difficult conflict/relationship issues. She has been a real difference maker for us and the positive changes are quite remarkable."
- Mark P.

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