Meet Dr. Deb

Dr. Deborah R. Goldberg is a relationship consultant and mediation specialist. As a professional consultant, Dr. Deb integrates psychology with mediation for a thorough and eclectic examination of presenting issues. She facilitates training for conflict resolution, office culture change and leadership. Dr. Deb addresses individual behavioral issues that are counterproductive to the mission statement of the organization. She is available for consultation, in-service training and public speaking.

Counseling and Mediation Background

Dr. Deb has been in private practice as a Family of Origin Psychotherapist since 1995. She is experienced and skilled in treating survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, personal and spiritual growth issues, chemical abuse issues, trauma, major life transitions, death, dying, grief, anxiety disorders and depression. Dr. Deb’s special expertise is working with Family of Origin issues. She is a professional Mediation Specialist,  Behavioral Coach and Relationship Consultant.

Dr. Deb has a unique way of blending her education and training which creates an atmosphere of safety and respect. Her approach is eclectic yet, structured in such a way that provides the greatest opportunity for clear communication between parties. Her style is personable, open and approachable. Dr. Deb’s in-depth educational background spans over 30 years. With a strong set of ethics and a high regard for integrity, she is experienced, knowledgeable and articulate. Passionate and dedicated to her work, she is committed to the process of mediation.

Dr. Deb is an optimist and has the uncanny ability to see a positive side to most of what happens in life. Moving to Minnesota from Seattle, Washington twenty years ago, she enjoys golf, swimming, flower gardening and feeding the birds, reading about the brain and working with glass art. She likes music, plays the banjo and loves a quiet evening with a good fire in the fire pit. Dr. Deb is a perpetual student and looks at learning and change as a necessity of fully living. 


  • Doctor of Theology
  • Master of Arts Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Associate of Arts Degree


Training & Certifications

  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP)
  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master
  • Ordained Minister
  • Christine Page, MD, Intuitive Wisdom of the Body
  • Caroline Myss, Ph.D., Language of Intuition
  • Barbara Rasor, Emotions and Intuition
  • Wholistic Healing Inc., WHEE Certification
  • Judith Orloff, Ph.D., Intuitive Wisdom of the Body
  • Mediation Certification, Family, Divorce, Housing, Reconciliation Ct.
  • Executive Coaching, Buddhist philosophy
  • EMDR I & II (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
  • Brain Spotting
  • Keynote Speaking


National and International Presentations and Workshops

  • “Who Am I” 
  • “Ethics and Alternative Medicine”
  • “The Joy of Ethics” 
  • “Boundaries: Excuse Meeeee! 
  • “Harmony in Conflict” 
  • “What Was I Thinking” 
  • ISSSEEM Conference – Research symposium outcome dissertation 
  • Healing Touch International – Research presentation on doctoral dissertation   
  • “A Matter of the Heart” 
  • “The Meaning of Archetypal Energy” 
  • Kairos Equestrian Center, “My Horse My Mirror”


Demonstrates Excellent Skills in:

  • Communication in both written and oral media
  • Planning and organizing workshop sessions with appropriate handouts
  • Promoting workshop discussions and equitable participation
  • Effectively using humor when teaching and training
  • Fielding questions with ease
  • Spontaneously meeting the needs of the group
  • Articulately presenting lectures and materials in a focused, comprehensible style
  • Sensitively meeting the emotional needs of the group and individual learners
  • Teaching to multiple learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic


Professional Membership and Affiliations – Past and Present                       

  • Member of the Advisory Council to the Minnesota Attorney General to draft Alcohol & Drug Counseling Licensing
  • Past member of the Minnesota Society for Clinical Hypnosis
  • Healing Beyond Borders International Board of Directors
  • Healing Beyond Borders International, Ethics Committee Member
  • Healing Beyond Borders (NCHT) North Central Community Gathering, Board Member, Vice President
  • HOLOS Graduate Seminary, Board Member
  • ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine) Member


Community Service – Past and Present

  • St. Croix Falls Professional Theater Volunteer
  • Dispute Resolution Center Volunteer Mediator
  • Hazelden Treatment Center Volunteer
  • Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Appointed on the Board of the Planning and Zoning Committee for Taylors Falls, MN.
  • Appointed  Chair of  the Planning and Zoning Committee for Taylors Falls, MN.
  • Past Vice-President of the Board for the  North Central Healing Touch Annual Conference
  • Healing Beyond Borders International Board of Directors Member
  • Ordained Minister

Dr. Deb's conflict resolution workshop has provided our staff with the necessary tools to begin practicing the difficult work of conflict resolution. She was well prepared, engaged everyone in the class, and motivated individuals to begin to think about how to begin to approach conflicts in the workplace. - Don H

Contact Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb Goldberg
1751 West County Road B Suite 100

Roseville, MN 55113
Tel: 612.619.5990